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Michigan Helmet Project is an on-line catalog of images representing the helmets worn by Michigan HS football teams.
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Helmet Statistics
2018 Season
Active Teams: 615
MHP Small:612(99.6%)
MHP Large:602(97.9%)
Feel free to use the helmet images on this site for "non-commercial" purposes. Commercial use of the images are NOT permitted without permission. Just ask!
You are also free to use them for your "personal" sites if you simply email me with the URL of your site. I like to learn about any High School football related websites that pop up.
In return, I ask that you help by posting a link to Michigan Helmet Project on your web site so that additional people will find the site and contribute towards its development. Also, please contribute further information yourself whenever possible.
Michigan High Schools are free to use images as needed.
  • No guarantee can be made that helmet images shown here are accurate depictions of the "real" helmets. I've tried to be accurate whenever possible, but none of these helmets is "official" by any stretch of the imagination. In many cases (due to coaching changes and other reasons) teams change their helmets from time to time.